Expert music therapy for the achievement of client goals

Bethany Best & Associates provide quality music therapy programs across Brisbane for individuals and groups.

Our therapy processes include individualised assessments, measures and programs that identify key therapy targets/areas to be addressed, establishing a clear therapeutic pathway towards achieving long term goals.

We use a variety of music and non-music interventions and techniques to facilitate improved health and well being of all our clients.

Typically an individual music therapy program will run for 12 weeks and will include initial and re-assessment sessions. The duration, frequency and approach are all considered and put forward as a recommendation based on the initial assessment and ongoing review. Book an initial assessment with us today.

Group programs are currently being run within various community disability agencies across Brisbane. If you would like a group for your clients or are interested in joining one please get in contact with us.


Private sessions are held on a one to one basis with one of our registered therapists. The sessions are tailored to each individual in order to address key therapy areas and specific long term goals.

Our private one-on-one sessions begin with an assessment, used to identify key therapy and goal target areas to be addressed in our tailored and individualised therapy programs. Our therapy programs typically are conducted for 12 weeks either weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on therapy target areas being addressed and to suit individual requirements, after which we to re-assess the target areas to measure goals and outcomes.


Group sessions provide an enjoyable and social format a music therapy program to engage a number of people at one time in order to meet a common therapy goal. We offer a range of groups to address a variety of target areas such as communication skills, music skills, rehabilitation, socialisation skills and cognition.

Group sizes vary between 4 to 12 participants dependent upon the targeted therapy goals and needs of the members. All groups are run by one or two of our registered music therapists and include a variety of musical and non-musical activities such as instrument playing, song writing and physical exercises.

Group programs typically run for 6 to 8 weeks but vary in duration in order to cater for the age, specific goal and number of participants.


We are passionate about using music in a structured, evidence-based and holistic way to address rehabilitation and recovery needs. Our services provide optimise brain health following an acquired brain injury or stroke. We keep in mind each individuals long-term needs and goals when creating holistic and tailored music therapy programs.

Using a rehabilitation orientated therapy approach, we can address communication, cognition, movement, sensory regulation, social skills, emotional regulation needs and goals.


Fun and engaging age appropriate programs that address the needs and goals of each individual.

Using a variety of exercises and activities, music therapy can address communication, cognition, sensory regulations, social skills, emotional regulation and movement.

Bethany Best & Associates is a Helping Children With Autism service provider.


We provide a holistic approach to care encompassing the clients, families, and health practitioners needs and goals. Using standardised assessment tools and measures we address recovery and rehabilitation following a stroke in areas of cognition, movement/mobility, communication, sensory regulation, social skills and emotional regulation.

We are passionate about using music in an engaging, interactive way whilst targeting long-term and short-term client-directed goals.

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