Revealing personalities and self-expression after a brain injury

Working in a brain injury rehabilitation center I see both the grief and celebration of each individuals rehabilitation journey. It’s a privilege to see the individual progress and develop themselves in the best way they can. Using music within a therapy context I am able to see each persons personality being revealed in a unique way whether it be through the songs they choose, their interactions or reactions of emotions or behaviour.

Music is personal and when you share it with another human being it is a unique experience and can offer a great vehicle for which new discoveries can be made, discoveries of new emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

Music provides those going through rehabilitation unique way for self-expression, a breath of fresh air and perhaps a sense of normality in an otherwise emotional and tiresome rehabilitation program. Perhaps it is also a way they can reconnect with their own personality and character.

Whatever the reason, music is a wonderful tool within the rehabilitation journey as it is so flexible and malleable to suit each individuals needs at that very point in time. It’s inspiring and encouraging to see each  individuals unique and personal interaction with music.

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