Piano Lessons and IQ

Are you or your children having piano lessons? If not here are some great reasons to start now!

Various studies have shown the benefits of piano lessons on developing brains especially for improving concentration, motor coordination, memory and attention, not to mention the other side benefits such as improved mood and emotion. Studies now show that being engaged in regular piano lessons can improve your IQ.

A study by Schellenberg in 2004 tested a group of six-year-old children using standardised IQ tests before and after assigning them to weekly piano, voice, drama or no lessons for 1 year.

The study revealed that the children showed general IQ increases over the 1 year period – as you would hope and expect! However, the children receiving the piano lessons gained significantly more IQ points than the children taking drama or no lessons.

So contact me right away to start lessons and give your IQ a boost.

Schellenberg 2004, Psychological Science vol. 15, pp. 511-514.

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