Got the blues?

It’s not surprising considering the economic climate we are in, markets are down and cost of living is rising at every turn we make.

So with all this looming in the back of our minds we need a bit of a pick-me-up, a good tune or two. While music won’t fix the economy, nor the rising house prices, it will lift your mood.

Researchers from Uppsala University studied 32 Swedish college students, aged 20 to 31 and how they were feeling, their mood and their emotions whilst listening to music and being interrupted with questionnaires on their handheld computers. Each student was beeped seven times a day, at random times over a two week period by the researchers. When the students computer beeped they were to answer the questionnaire which asked them what they were doing and how they rated their mood, feelings and emotions. The students personality type was considered by the researchers during this study.

Results showed that music occurred in 37% of the questionnaire interruptions and that in 64% of the music interruptions the students reported that the music affected how they felt – experiencing feelings of happiness or elation. The students who were not listening to music when interrupted reported experiencing feelings of anger, irritation, anxiety, fear, boredom or indifference.

With music being more and more accessible with iPhones, tablets and smartphones, it is becoming a lot easier to change your mood and feelings for the better.

So I’m going to play give myself a pick-me-up and play some toe tapping Michael Jackson.

An experience sampling study of emotional reactions to music: listener, music, and situation.

Emotion 2008, 8(5) : 668-68

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