2011 AMTA National Conference

Bethany will be presenting at the 2011 National Conference for the Australian Music Therapy Association, which will be hosted in Brisbane during September.

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This year’s conference will put the spotlight on families, groups and systems, exploring how these interact with clients, therapists and interventions to influence the way we conduct and reflect on our work.

We will seek to understand and gain new perspectives related to treatment, theory and research by viewing these, our clients, and ourselves through an ecological lens.

Both clients and therapists come from or live within a family of some form and are also part of particular groups – whether they are treatment groups, professional groups, community or cultural groups.

Other systems that surround our work include the communities in which we work, the organisations that employ us, and the current policy and governing environments.

This conference will be asking the audience to consider the following questions:

  1. How is the modern family changing and how do societal trends and values impact on the family unit and what does this mean for music therapy and the people who practice and participate in it?
  2. How do we best understand family and group dynamics in ways that contribute to our work? What does music therapy mean to families and groups who engage in it and what does it mean for the families of music therapists?
  3. How do we see ourselves as a professional group – who are we, where are we headed and what is our function and role in the healthcare system?
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